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When it comes to getting paid for your products and services, do you ever feel...

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  • Frustrated that you work so hard but don’t get paid in a timely manner?
  • Distracted instead of focusing on your business?
  • Exhausted after spending way too much precious time and energy and getting nowhere?
  • Offended and feeling taken advantage of?

Running A Business Can Be Hard.
Getting Your Hard-earned Money Shouldn’t Have To Be.

We believe you deserve a trusted partner who can help you get paid in a timely manner without sacrificing your integrity and reputation, allowing you to focus on your business instead of worrying about people paying their bills.

Stop spending precious time on collections

Hold customers accountable while treating them with dignity and respect

Get more of your hard-earned money

Focus on your business and thrive

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We Understand 

We understand what it’s like to provide quality products and services and not get paid the money you deserve.

We’ve been helping businesses get paid for 50 years. Our professionalism, integrity, employee retention, and business processes result in higher success rates for our clients, while maintaining their reputation in the community and treating their customers with dignity and respect.


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We collect more money for you with proven solutions

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  • Credit Reporting
  • Small Claims
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We Are Committed To Professionalism 

What Clients Are Saying


Our office has been working with Cascade Collections since 1997 and have stayed loyal to them for their outstanding customer service. They care about us and our patients as much as we do, and are always available when we have questions or need assistance. They keep us up to date on new laws that affect us, and offer suggestions to help us collect internally when we can. I highly recommend them and would never go anywhere else.

~Chari R.


I have used Cascade Collections Inc for the past two years for overdue accounts in our dental practice.  I am very happy with the personal service they provide, they are easy to work with.  I like the ability to check the status of accounts using their online web portal.  I would recommend them if you are looking for a collection service.

~Jane S.


We’ve finally found an agency that feels more like a teammate than a vendor... The collectors don’t threaten or harass my customers but do reach out in a professional manner, keeping them accountable.  I feel confident that Cascade Collections will treat my customers the way I would treat them, and they get results.  I’ve received money I never thought I would see.  I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have peace of mind and confidence in their agency.

~Leah R.

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Contact us today so you can stop being frustrated and start getting paid in a timely manner without sacrificing your integrity and reputation.

Focus on your business instead of worrying about people paying their bills.

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