Cascade Collections, Inc.

The Step Before Collection

This is for a professional letter service, designed to collect slow and past due accounts. This notice instructs the customer to contact your office directly. The notice is mailed for you by Cascade Collections.

You can stop the Pre-Collect cycle by contacting Cascade Collections, upon receipt of any partial or full payment, or upon an agreeable repayment arrangement with your customer.

Any money that is collected during Pre-Collect is 100% yours!! No commission is taken by Cascade Collections.

Regular Collections

Our collection department manages all accounts placed for collections. Their expertise is in voluntary collections. Our staff is trained in negotiations and information gathering. They handle all payment arrangements and follow up when necessary from the consumers who agree to pay voluntarily.

Our staff is trained in the first communication to gather the necessary information to collect involuntarily should the need arise. Our system allows us to set up payment plans that are monitored by the computer, or to follow up manually on promised payments.

There are a number of ways in which we can help you with questions involving credit.

1. New client information forms, in effect the credit application in the professional office. The agency will suggest what information you should secure from new clients, information that would help you to collect the accounts should these clients fail to pay on time.

2. We can help you establish a billing and collection procedure time schedule, based upon the depreciation in a value of past due accounts.

It is evident that speed is essential in the successful collection of past-due accounts. The average age of past due accounts referred to a collection agency is about eight months. The best recovery rates come from clients who turn their accounts over promptly, with accurate information and documentation of the debt.

How to determine when to send the account to Cascade Collections.

  • When a new client does not respond to two statements and one collection letter. This indicates a bad debt potential
  • When payment plans previously agreed upon fail without a valid reason
  • When repetitious unfounded complaints occur
  • When there is denial of responsibility
  • When repeated delinquencies are concurrent with repeated changes of address and/or occupation. From this well defined group, 90 per cent of all skips originate.
  • When an obvious financial irresponsibility is exposed
  • When the individual is a skip
  • When the individual with a past due account fails to maintain communication


Cascade reports to all three major credit reporting agencies, (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.)


You can request Bilingual notices in English/Spanish for those individuals who do not speak English. We also have Bilingual collectors who speak Spanish.

Client Internet Access

Cascade Collections offers our clients the ability to use the internet for all assigning and/or account information needs. has been developed by Collection Agency Owners with the experience and knowledge to identify the features important to their clients.

From this perspective, ClientAccessWeb has evolved into a very intuitive, feature rich internet solution. It allows our clients to login to their accounts using the agency ID that Cascade provides. Clients can verify balances, report direct payments, request updated information and compile their own reports.

All of the functionality of is delivered through a Secure Socket Layer using 128-bit encryption. All data viewed or transferred is secure.


  • Ease of use
  • Fast Access to information
  • Account Lookup Screen
  • Detailed View of Accounts
  • Ability To Attach Source Document Images
  • Account Entry Screen
  • Utility for Electronic Assignment of Accounts via the Web
  • Dynamic Report Builder
  • Enhanced Data Mining Tool
  • Statistical Reports by Status, Aging, Amount
  • Client Messaging System
  • Agency Controlled Access Permissions
  • Agency Exclusive Database